Touch the Top Program

Our Touch the Top Curriculum Guide Program brings my story to life in the classroom. I hope to share a message that is a powerful example for students as they find their own ways through life, pushing past limits imposed on them. My family played an important role in the battle to break through the barriers of blindness: my mother who prayed for the miracle that would restore my sight and my father who encouraged me to strive for that distant mountaintop.  Designed with Common Core Standards for grades 8-12, the program includes guides for ELA, Social Studies and Science — all components to enhance key themes and reinforce student’s understanding. Once students complete the program, I will videoconference into your classroom to meet your students. 

The cost of the program includes:

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  • When I came across the Touch the Top Program I knew this would be just the thing for my students. In one unit of my class, we talk about what makes a person a true leader.  I discuss attributes of leadership like honor, trust, courage, vision and inspiration – and Erik’s story fit in perfectly. It was a great true-life example of leadership and courage. My students were very excited to read Erik’s book and then watch the film of his Mt. Everest Expedition. I think that being able to show them a well-prepared curriculum based on Erik’s book and engaging films really helped my students grasp their own ideas of leadership and overcoming the challenges they face.

    Matt Hamilton
    East Jordan Middle School