Reach Award & Reach Scholarships

The Reach Award & Reach Scholarships are presented by the Reach Foundation. They acknowledge individuals who have broken through personal barriers in order to elevate their family, their community and the world. These people exemplify the No Barriers Life element “Reach,” the arduous process of pushing through uncertainty towards immense possibilities.


Reach Scholarships will be granted to individuals who demonstrate merit and will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will receive funding for the full cost of attendance of a No Barriers program, such as a Youth or Warriors expedition. In addition, Touch the Top will share their journeys and provide them with a suite of Erik's books and films.

6 exemplary individuals will be chosen annually to receive the Reach Award. They will be provided an all-expenses paid trip for them and a partner to attend the No Barriers Summit. They will also be gifted a complete package of Erik’s award-winning films, best-selling books, and a Reach pendant engraved in both print and Braille. Touch the Top will highlight their story, acknowledge them at the Summit and help spread awareness for their important causes.

The No Barriers Summit is an annual 2 to 4-day event that includes over 40 adaptive activities, phenomenal speakers, and a showcase of innovative technologies and products that are shattering conventions. A family-friendly event, the Summit is for people of all ages and abilities. At the Summit, we envision a world in which the power of the human spirit transcends barriers, where you will be surrounded by a community who knows What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.  2018 No Barriers Summit General Information

Reach Award & Scholarship Application: APPLY HERE