Turning into the Storm

Hey Everyone,

No Barriers has been out for over a month now, and thanks to those who have supported it. We’re making an impact, and the movement is growing day by day.

For those of you who have started reading, you may find that, on the surface, it’s a pretty wild adventure tale, but it wouldn’t have been worth the time and effort to simply relay the triumphs. The theme became much more about the pain, messiness, and uncertainty of growth, and a personal exploration of what this No Barriers life really means. I found that so much of our awareness comes from diving beneath the surface, into the inner life, and trying to illuminate the unexamined path from a safe dark place to a life with meaning and impact.

Most of the friends I wrote about had been shattered in one way or another, physically or psychologically, and they had to go down to go back up. And the ways they rebuilt were surprising, propelling them in crazy spiraling directions towards exciting discoveries. So much of that map turned out to be counter-intuitive, defying logic. Instead of reeling and reacting, they turned inward and committed to growing and nurturing what's inside. Instead of shrinking and protecting, they leaned in and opened their hearts  to life’s struggles and joys;  instead of asserting their ego, they quieted themselves to experience something grander than themselves, and instead of being crushed by tragedy, they performed a kind-of alchemy, turning darkness into vision and using It as energy for their ascent.

Turning into the storm.

The most hopeful insight I came away with is that these No Barriers heroes are right here, under our noses. They haven’t disappeared. We may just be looking in the wrong places these days. There’s a lot of political drama happening around us, but In my opinion, this message is very timely. Seems like our nation is drowning in fear and anxiety, blaming and attacking, and hyper focused on those external twists and turns that consume our awareness: when we should be reserving a little time for the qualities of the people in the book, who have been battered about, but have summoned up grit, innovation, courage, and a No Barriers mindset. Seems like a message we need to pull us out of the turmoil we’re mired in.

Thanks for your support, and we want to hear your thoughts and feedback once you’ve read No Barriers. Enjoy.