A Message We Need Now More than Ever

I can’t believe my new book, No Barriers, has been out for three weeks now. I spent a year writing and emerged with coffee breath and a bigger waistline, but with the final manuscript in hand. On the surface, it’s about my journey from the summit of Mt. Everest to our kayak descent of the Grand Canyon. However, more than an adventure tale, it became an exploration of what it means to live a No Barriers life, the experiences that shaped my understanding, and the pioneers who so often showed me the way forward. I’m counting on the book to change lives. You of course were along for a part of that journey, so thanks for believing in this message – that what’s inside of us can transcend the barriers in our way.

I’m hesitant to use Facebook as a direct sales tool, but I’m taking a transparent approach here and directly asking for your help in generating sales and getting the word out. We’d like to build momentum and get on some national bestsellers lists to propel the No Barriers message far and wide, and to bring new, deserving people into our programs. This week, if everyone in my community were to purchase a book, we’d exceed our target. Even if a third of this community were to purchase a couple books, No Barriers would become a bestseller.

I also think this message is what our country is craving right now. We’re drowning in fear, reeling and reacting instead of tapping into the qualities of the heroes in the book: grit, courage, and alchemy. We could all use a little No Barriers right now.

I hope you’ll take the time to order a copy. I’ll be very grateful.