Touch the Top of the World Film

Produced in 2006 for the A&E Network, this powerful dramatization follows Erik’s journey from the time he was a three-year-old boy diagnosed with a rare eye disease, through his childhood when his parents challenged him to live a normal life despite his blindness. It’s a story of dreams, determination, and heroism, and one man’s passion to do the impossible while inspiring his community and an entire generation.
Erik is played by Peter Facinelli, whom ladies will recall also played Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight films. The sound track includes music by the Dave Matthews Band.

"This inspirational film is well worth buying and watching. It’s a film about Erik’s dreams of rock and ice, his dedication to challenging goals, and his passion for climbing, the mountains, and life. If you read his book and watch the film, you will never look at climbing the same way again." 
— Stewart Green,

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  • Touch the Top of the World is based on an incredible and inspiring true story about Erik Weihenmayer. The story follows his life from childhood, when he lost his eyesight due to a rare disease, through his amazing climb to the top of Mount Everest. This script is well written but still could have been a little too sentimental if not for the truly superb acting. The entire cast did really solid work but there are two that truly stand out. The phenomenal Peter Facinelli (Twilight Saga, Nurse Jackie) does a wonderful job as Erik. He is completely convincing portraying Erik's concern and determination during the unimaginably dangerous trek up Everest. Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice) is also excellent as Erik's loving, supportive father. This one is definitely worth your time.

  • Touch The Top Of The World - there is only one word that I can think of that would describe this wonderful movie…INSPIRATIONAL!!! This movie is based off of a true autobiography of a man named Erik Weihenmayer. He is a blind man who has over come so many objects. Mr. Erik Weihenmayer has proven over and over again that anyone can do anything and concur it. He has shown that if you put your mind to it, you can do it. He gives a new meaning to trusting your body senses.

    Peter Facinelli (played Erik) was terrific! If I didn't know who Peter Facinelli was before this movie...I would have thought that he was really blind...that is how believable he was.

    If you love inspirational will love this one and want to add it to your collection!

    Randi Collins
  • This movie was great. Uplifting and inspiring. It had friendship, romance and man aginst nature. Peter Facinelli was excellent in it! If you’re a fan of his add this one to your collection. The cinematography was breathtaking like only nature can provide.

  • "Touch the Top of the World" is the amazing, true story of Erik Weihenmayer (Peter Facinelli), a rock and ice climber who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to become the first blind man to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Diagnosed at age three with a rare eye disease, Eric still led a normal life, thanks to parents who continually challenged him. He succeeded in climbing the Seven Summits -- the highest mountains on the seven continents. Fewer than 100 mountaineers have accomplished this feat. In addition, Erik became proficient at paragliding and skiing. The film is inspirational and features some breathtaking photography.