Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness

Adversity is one of the most potent forces in life. It shapes your character, clarifies your priorities and defines your path. It can also fuel your greatness. Erik's newest book, The Adversity Advantage, co-written with the best-selling author and adversity expert, Dr. Paul Stoltz, teaches you how to convert adversity into a uniquely powerful force. Go beyond merely coping with difficulties. Harness your adversities to reach new levels of performance, resilience, and greatness…everyday.
This new deluxe edition includes many more stories from Erik's expeditions that serve as examples of using adversity as a fuel for greatness. This paperback edition includes 30 color photographs
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  • The first thing you might notice about this book is that it is not written with the typical 'shrink' perspective. It is neither condescending, patronizing, nor aloof. Instead, it is written by two down-to-earth individuals with enormous successes who truly inspire. Reading about Erik's background and achievements makes the book read more like an entertaining novel than anything else and learning about the adversity he has overcome makes his inspiring attitude infectious. I doubt anyone who reads this book will be disappointed with their decision to try it.

    Brian Smith
  • I recommend Erik's book to anyone who has ever had an obstacle in their path they thought they could not overcome! You can do it, just like Erik. Read it and recommend it to others.

    Jackie C
  • Ludwig van Beethoven went deaf in his mid-20s, but still created sublime music. Albert Einstein's childhood teachers felt he had no academic potential, but he achieved works of genius. What if these brilliant individuals had quit pursuing their dreams, as they easily could have? Erik Weihenmayer became blind at 13, yet he is an accomplished mountain, ice and rock climber, and an expert skier, skydiver, long-distance biker and marathon competitor. Like Beethoven and Einstein, he had a real reason to quit pursuing hard goals. Instead, he decided to climb as high as he could, literally. Weihenmayer and leadership expert Paul G. Stoltz, his co-author, offer a gripping story about turning adversity to your advantage. They explain how to use misfortune to strengthen your character and realize your goals, no matter how difficult. Weihenmayer's first-person inserts and narratives about people who conquered trouble are particularly compelling. I highly recommend this inspiring celebration of indomitable spirit. It teaches a profound lesson about how bravely facing hardship can enrich your life.

    Rolf Dobelli
  • I love to read books that encourage me to be a better person and push me to do those things that are outside of my comfort zone. This book is just that. It's amazing what we can do if we just push ourselves and put our minds to things. This book is a great and encouraging story of endurance, strength, and the power of thought.

  • TERRIFIC! Outstanding Book! I'm a great admirer of Erik's, and expected a lot from this book. My expectations were exceeded. Steven Covey's forward puts it into brilliant focus when he says "...the very process of studying this book led me to look carefully at myself with an awareness of how the challenges of my life can be the fuel that will enable me to swim against the stream, against cultural currents, against all forms of adversity inherent in my most important goals." And further "...has inspired me to develop a greater appreciation for adversity, and to see the mother lode of wisdom and possibilities to be found in adversity...inspired me to be an alchemist, to turn lead into gold". "Inspired" is the operational word. Erik's life is inspiring, and his ability to translate his hard-won experiences into meaningful and positive, constructive, life-changing methods and techniques are his true brilliance and the brilliance of this book. A "must read" for anyone who is seriously committed to personal growth and development.

    George Basch
  • Next to the Bible, The Adversity Advantage is the best personal improvement book I have ever worked through. Erik & Paul have put together an excellent way to examine where you are in life and where you want to go...and how to get there.

    Edward Cerny
  • This book is a powerful testimony to the human aspiration to stretch, grow and have meaning. The combination of real life stories and the body of research tells readers that they too can define their everyday greatness. It is not something that is bought, bestowed, borrowed or created...it comes from within. If you are looking for a recipe for the perfect life without having to do work read something else. If you are looking to set higher standards for yourself, your family and the world around you then this book will leave you laughing, crying and enthused to take on the next challenge!

    W. Barkely
  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Adversity Advantage because it drove me to re-examine how I react and respond to adversity in my own life. It taught me some new techniques for dealing with the obstacles I face every day. It's well written, balanced, and doesn't try to beat you over the head with theoretical jargon like many other books. Instead, it provides practical insight that everyone can understand and assimilate. Great job Mssrs. Stoltz and Weihenmayer!!

    William d’Amico
  • The Adversity Advantage taught me how to take life's challenges and uncertainties and use them to fuel a more purpose-driven life. Erik W. shares incredible adventures from his 7 summits climbs that leave you wanting more. I especially enjoyed the chapter about Erik's descent from 18,501-foot Mt. Elbrus on skis! Paul S. reveals events where corporations have had incredible adversity dumped on them, and by implementing Paul's methods they came out of the adversity in a much greater place than where they had been when the adversity struck. If there is one book to read that will teach you how to succeed in life... this is it.

  • I found the blend of Erik's adventures climbing the Seven Summits and Paul's strong message perfect. I liked being able to relate back to real-life situations through Erik's writing. If there is anyone that turns the impossible in to possible, it is Erik Weihenmayer. So many books of this type lack the true human aspect of dealing with adversity in our lives. I became more focused, more creative, more driven, after reading Adversity Advantage. There is a life-changing message in this book. I highly recommend it.

  • I will say even though I have been running companies for years, your book has given me a new approach to how to deal with my "camper" employees at the store. Rather funny if you think about it. Each are very accomplished athletes, but I have never seen such a unique bunch. They are amazing in what they do, but when it comes to self-progress as people, just another story.

    Michael Stone
    Colorado Multisport
  • Our group spent three days together using lessons from The Adversity Advantage to explore, confront, and overcome the challenges in the lives of these "at-risk" 9th graders. The Adversity Advantageprovided a robust framework to guide us through very difficult discussions and self-exploration. For many of these students, The Adversity Advantage allowed them, for the first time, to turn their life challenges into inspiration rather than paralysis.

    The Adversity Advantage lent itself perfectly to the struggles that these students were facing and gave them the tools to harness their adversities into the energy that will propel them forward towards achieving their aspirations. Thanks so much for providing this inspirational resource!

    Brian Miller
  • The Adversity Advantage literally changed my life. It made me overcome the most difficult trials. No other book has ever helped me make such drastic changes to my life.

  • I wanted you to know that your book, The Adversity Advantage, has played a major role in my decision to move forward with launching a tree planting organization in Nepal. I have been thinking it through for many years, and your book made me realize just how I could use my adversity to my advantage.

    I am not blind. And I'm too old to start climbing. But I've had my fair share of adversity, and I 'm turning it into fuel to save the planet from what I believe to be a sure death if someone doesn't do something. I can't do it all, but if I can get one group of concerned citizens in one community energized about urban forestry, then maybe they will teach their skills to their cousins in another village and get them energized, and so on, and so on. It's a domino effect. 

    I am committed to seeing this project through as a way of overcoming my adversity. You have been such an inspiration to me, that I wanted to thank you for your guidance, wisdom, experience and hope. I tell my friends and colleagues about your books and videos, and spread the the good work that you are doing. You're my hero!

    Linda Romero