2015 Leading the Way Programs

Leading the Way is a program I helped No Barriers USA start almost a decade ago. I love seeing it grow and blossom. Our first few trips were to the Peruvian Andes, and we expanded to other amazing parts of the world like the Amazon and the Grand Canyon. We made a conscious decision to team blind and sighted kids together, rather than blind teens exclusively with other blind teens. We knew combining kids of different backgrounds and abilities would be the most powerful kind of community we could build. Working together, these teams achieve something amazing and build a rope team for life. Leading the Way went so well, we next started a sister program combining deaf and hearing students.

As a parent, I know how scary it is to let your child walk out the door and go on a big life adventure. However, It is incredibly important to let go and allow your child to take calculated risks, build challenging stretch goals, create their own network of people around them, and begin the process of living their own No Barriers Life. The deadline for applying to Leading the Way is February 1, less than a week away. Please send the link below to anyone you know who might be interested. Keep Climbing

Link to Leading the Way information:http://nobarriersyouth.org/programs/leading_the_way/