Veterans Day 2014

On Tuesday, I spoke at the MillerCoors Veterans Day remembrance in my hometown of Golden. Local WWII historian Greg Kyle, let me check out some equipment from the famous 10th Mountain Division, an elite winter and mountain warfare unit that trained  in Colorado during WWII.

Can you believe that they carried 90 pounds in their packs, plus skis and a rifle! For a little background, as the war in Europe intensified, the fight in the rugged Alps of Italy became critical and the 10th Mountain Division was called into action. Despite tremendous losses, these brave young men were able to break the Nazi entrenchment and contribute enormously to the success on the Western Front. Also, I was honored to be able to meet, in person,  some original members of the Tenth Mountain Division. Needless to say, an inspiration for mountaineers and one tough bunch!

For those who want to learn more about the 10th Mountain Division and how they helped America win WWII, here is a video link-

Last weekend, we actually had a No Barriers USA board retreat up at Camp Hale which is where the Tenth Mountain Division trained. It's amazing to be a part of such an awesome rope team. Learn more about the No Barriers Board of Directors at

2014 11 No Barriers BOD Retreat  14