Another Personal Everest

Some of you probably remember my post a few months ago about Derek Campbell. On November, 2013, he had a major snowboarding accident at a ski resort in Colorado that caused a traumatic brain injury resulting in a stroke. A month after the accident, his dad, Mark, was told by doctors to start thinking about making end-of-life decisions. However, Derek's heart and soul had a different plan.

Since then, Derek has been on a steep journey of recovery. Four months ago he took his first halting steps, and this past weekend Derek climbed 4.6 miles to his first summit.  Derek was part of an annual  No Barriers event called, What’s Your Everest, held at Granby Ranch, CO. At the summit, Derek told us he would have never thought this was possible for him, but I know this is just one of many higher summits to come.

Derek's story has inspired me deeply, and I’ll be thinking of his accomplishment as I leave for the Grand Canyon next week. Let’s all give a shout-out to Derek, his dad, and the No Barriers volunteers and staff who supported him during his climb!

Here's a photo of me with Derek and his dad, Mark, at the summit. No Barriers is making a video about the event so stay tuned! And keep climbing, Derek!