They are back! REACH Pendants

Touch the Top announces we are selling our REACH Pendants again this year. Last year we took a big reach ourselves by embarking on this new venture, and it was so wildly popular, we’ve decided to bring it back for the holidays. All proceeds will go towards a scholarship for a deserving teenager to participate in a No Barriers - Leading the Way experience. These trips take teams of kids: blind and sighted, deaf and hearing:  on multi-day journeys down the Grand Canyon. The mission is to help youth learn to tap into the human spirit, push through adversity, and embrace a No Barriers Mindset. “What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.”

Here’s a link to learn more about Leading the Way 2014:

My friend Cheryl Cutting designed this beautiful sterling silver pendant to inspire everyone to reach towards their own possibilities. The word REACH is spelled out in the Latin alphabet on one side and Braille on the other.

The hand symbol encourages you to reach into the unknown, to strive for greatness, and to find purpose. The mountains represent both audacious goals and the possibility of reaching personal summits. The stars in the sky symbolize dreams coming true, success, light in the darkness, and navigating your way through the wilderness.

The REACH pendant is tough yet beautiful. It is for men and women, athletes and non-athletes, abled and disabled. It is the perfect gift for anyone facing adversity in their life—or anyone who has overcome it.

Here is the link to submit your order:

We are selling each pendant for $100 (plus $5 for shipping).


Important: We have nine pendants up for grabs to arrive by Christmas but you must place your order by the end of the week on Friday, December 20. If you want to use them for kicking off the New Year, we have more pendants available and will continue to sell them after Christmas.

Keep Reaching!