What's Your Everest? videos

On June 1st, nearly 60 people reached the 14,065-foot summit of Mount Bierstadt here in Colorado. What makes this exceptional is that many of the climbers faced incredible adversity to even get to the base of the mountain. Among the many stories, we had: a blind person who had never climbed a mountain before, a woman who had received a heart transplant, a man who survived two heart attacks (the last just three months ago), a stroke survivor, and several wounded warriors.

No Barriers put together a great little video about our  climb that is well worth watching.

This next video has more of the incredible stories from that day.

I'd like to thank all the participants of the 2013 What's Your Everest? climb!! We raised a significant amount of funds for No Barriers. Most importantly, you all inspire ME to keep reaching for higher goals.


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