Happy Anniversary to No Barriers!

A big congratulations to everyone at No Barriers and Global Explorers! It has been a year since our two non-profits merged and it has indeed been a happy marriage. Of course, there have been growing pains too but I feel confident that this will continue to be a fruitful joining of like-minded people. And I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Below is a letter from our Executive Director as he looks back on all that we've accomplished in 12 short months:

I want to wish you all a happy one year anniversary since the merger!  It's hard to believe that a year has passed since we made the decision to merge our two organizations under one roof.  I am honored to be working with so many amazing individuals and am humbled that you trusted me to lead us through these exciting times.  Though I know that there have been hiccups along the way, I am excited by the synergies we are now experiencing between our diverse programs, staff and board.

Here are a few of my highlights from our first year together:
- The call I received from Erik when he said he wanted to make a big pledge to the organization!
- The day we went live with our new website, logo and print materials!
- Our What's Your Everest climb with more than 60 members of the No Barriers and Global Explorers community
- Amazing events in Chicago, San Francisco, Telluride and more
- The biggest travel year ever for Global Explorers with more than 550 participants
- Raising more than $60,000 in individual donations over the holidays
- Screenings of High Ground all over the country
- Gaining a much better understanding of the issues our veterans face as they return home and realizing our potential to make a difference on this issue
- Visiting Telluride for the first time and sensing the community's excitement for hosting the Summit
- The testimonials we received from so many participants whose lives we are changing
Thanks again to all of you.  May our next year be extraordinary!
Dave Shurna,
Executive Director
No Barriers
No Barriers logo, clean