New England Ski Festival, Feb 10-14

Come join me and my guide, Jeff Ulrich, at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine a week from today at the New England Blind and Visually Impaired Ski Festival. We will be giving a clinic on the best method for guiding blind skiers and it's open to anyone. I will also be giving a talk Sunday night on developing a No Barriers mindset.

Jeff and I have perfected a system that is far superior to the traditional technique of guiding from behind. Instead, Jeff leads and uses his voice to not only direct me but also give guidance on the shape of my turns. This allows me to ski more naturally and athletically instead of zigzagging down the slope. You can learn more about this pioneering system at Blind Skiers Edge.

The cost for the 4-day festival is between $365 and $535, which includes lift tickets and lodging. Sugarloaf is the second highest mountain in Maine and has over 400 acres and 80 trails open so there is something for everyone.