No Barriers Million Dollar Challenge!

Every now and then, I like to challenge myself with big goals, and not always physical ones. When No Barriers merged with Global Explorers in January of last year, I wanted to make sure that the new organization would have staying power. To that end, I committed myself to raising one million dollars for No Barriers. And I'm proud to report I’m almost there!
No Barriers logo, clean
Over the past year, I’ve been  raising funds by donating my speaking fees, hosting screenings of High Ground, organizing fundraising climbs, and even selling Reach pendants. When folks heard of my efforts, they got inspired themselves. Several CEOs including Mark Matson of Matson Money and Jérôme Lambert of Jeager LeCoultre, made significant donations of their own to No Barriers.

Numerous other companies--Kronos, Circadence, KFC, Polartec, and AT&T to name a few--stepped up to sponsor the Soldiers To Summits program. Both the Tug McGraw Foundation and Associated Services for the Blind (ASB) also made major contributions to S2S. Don Morel from West Company, a longtime supporter of my work, actually organized a screening of High Ground and raised over $60,000. Thank you Don, Mark, and Jérôme, as well as all the others who contributed!

At this point, we have raised $920,000 for No Barriers. Of course, when I reach my million dollar goal in the next few months, I'll keep working to help No Barriers become the leading organization for creating a "no barriers mindset," particularly among those of us who struggle with challenges, which includes most of us.
Keep Reaching!