First things first, I don't consider myself a superhero! But the people at the Carroll Center For The Blind are. They are the ones that, many years ago, set me on the path towards becoming a climber and adventurer. And in the meantime, they have helped countless others adapt to a world without eyesight.

Here is a wonderful blog post by a recent Carroll graduate, DeAnn Elliott, that talks about how people like myself and MasterChef Christine Ha have inspired her. DeAnn writes, "These examples suggest that if you’re exposed to people who think you can do great things, and you work to give your personal best, and you persevere to take on increasingly difficult challenges, then one day you may wake up to discover that you actually are the best."

She has it right…surround yourself with a great team, work hard to be the best, don't give up when facing tough goals and you too can inspire others.