Blind For A Day

I want to give a big shout out to Anna Chouler in Scarborough England. The television show Expedition Impossible is airing on the other side of the pond and she was inspired by Team No Limits. Anna decided to raise awareness for the blind and to raise money for guide dogs by wearing a blindfold for an entire day. Her goal was to raise $800...and she ended up raising almost $1,000! Anna wrote on her page:

Think about how hard it would be to do everyday tasks we take for granted if you couldn't see. Well I'm going to find out what an avarage day is like for a blind person. I want to fit as much as I can into my day so I can really see how these brave people live. My inspiration actually came from a TV program called Expedition Impossble where groups are set various challenges that are extremely difficult. One group, called No Limits, has Erik Weihenmayer on their team who is blind and has faced challenges such as Mount Everest, riding a stallion, abseiling huge mountains. I was amazed by Erik and inspired to help raise money to help others achieve their goals.

That's what I call a No Barriers mindset. Thank you, Anna!! Erik