Soldiers Heading South, Way South!

The Soldiers To Summits program is going to the South Pole! We are teaming up with Walking With The Wounded, a highly regarded charity in the United Kingdom, to send an expedition on a four week journey to the bottom of the planet. With the backing of Prince Harry (aka HRH Prince Henry of Wales), this exciting adventure will inspire people around the world.

The team members will come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and all will be soldiers wounded in the line of duty. They will travel 208 miles while navigating crevasses and moving ice shelves while enduring temperatures as low as -50°F and 50 mph winds. Each soldier will pull a sled weighing 150 lbs that carries their supplies. The team will have mentors as well as support and medical staff to ensure their safety.

S2S will begin soliciting applications shortly for the US team that will then participate in cold weather training in Iceland in March 2013 and head to the South Pole in November-December 2013. If you know of any soldier who might be interested in the adventure of a lifetime, have them contact our Program Director, Charley Mace (

It won't be entirely dire…the British soldiers have lined up Glenfiddich (maker of great single malt whisky) as a sponsor. Helly Hansen has already signed on to be the official clothing supplier. Stay tuned for more details and announcements about sponsorship opportunities.

This is exactly what No Barriers is all about! A journey like this is hard enough for the able-bodied and it will be an extra challenge for the disabled soldiers. The South Pole Allied Challenge is going to demonstrate how adversity can be fuel for greatness.