2 Blind 2 Ride

The thought of cycling 16,000 miles from the tip of South America to the top of North America is pretty daunting in itself. Now imagine doing it while blind! That's what Christi Bruchok and Tauru Chaw are currently undertaking.

Christi is blind in one eye and is so short-sighted she can only read with glasses and within "sniffing" distance. Tauru had retinitis pigmentosa, which leaves him with sharp vision through a "toilet paper" roll during the day and totally blind at night. Both are legally blind. And together they are peddling a tandem bike across two continents.

This couple has the experience to pull this feat off. In 2009, they rode 3,200 miles across the USA in 72 days. They are also rock climbers and mountaineers who have climbed Denali.

At the moment, they are somewhere in Chile and have covered almost 1,200 miles. It's great to see people out there with the No Barriers mindset! You can follow their progress on their web site: 2 Blind 2 Ride.

Hat tip to The Adventure Blog.