No Barriers Summit - Impressive Numbers Tell the Tale

The No Barriers Summit 2011 has been over for two months now, but the excitement it sparked for so many people is still buzzing in the air. So now, after the dust has settled a bit and we've had a chance to compile this information, we can share some cool stats with you:

Did you know, there were over 1100 available spots in clinics this year? A total of 582 people from 42 different states and 3 countries attended!

We aren't the only ones who thought it was a big deal…lots of folks from the media thought so too, and wanted to spread the word: The Summit was featured in 8 different TV and Radio broadcasts, 12 different articles that appeared in newspapers and magazines, and 43 different online media instances, including blogs, mentions and calendar listings.

On top of that, social media sites were ON FIRE! Between Facebook newsfeed impressions, posts, likes, comments, photo views, video views, website click throughs, and all Summit-related Twitter activity, people were interacting about Summit 2011 a whopping 191,763 times!!

I think those numbers tell a pretty compelling story about how the Summit 2011 has impacted people from all over the country and the world!

Here is a video of my friend Mark Wellman talking about his climbing adventure clinic: