Himalayan Stove Project

There are a lot of great non-profits doing important work in the world. Sometimes the smaller, lesser-known organizations are the ones doing the most good with the least fanfare or funding. The Himalayan Stove Project (HSP) is one such worthy cause.

HSP was started by my old friend, George Basch, who I climbed Aconcagua with 14 years ago. George also accompanied me to base camp of Everest to see me off and wish me well. He’s trekked and climbed all over the world from Bhutan to Tanzania.

In 2010, George created HSP with the goal of saving lives and improving health in impoverished nations such as Nepal. In many remote villages, the primary method of cooking is over fires fueled by either wood or dung. Typically, these are open fires inside homes that have poor ventilation, which results in the inhabitants breathing in a lot of smoke all year long.

The solution HSP found is a highly efficient stove that reduces emissions by up to 80%. In addition, the stove consumes less than half as much fuel so villagers can spend less time gathering wood or burning Cole. And it gets better because the stoves cut cooking time in half! The stove is simple to use, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to produce.

While all of this sounds great, the stoves don’t do any good sitting in a warehouse or going to people who don’t need them. To avoid these pitfalls, HSP teams up with existing organizations that already are working in remote regions such as Community Action Nepal.

HSP has set the lofty goal of delivering 10,000 stoves in the next five years. For a $100 donation, one stove can be delivered to a needy family. Due to economies of scale, a $1,000 donation can deliver 12 stoves and a $10,000 donation will put 144 stoves directly into the hands of people.

To donate, go to http://himalayanstoveproject.org