Get Psyched For The No Barriers Summit!

Rousing Performances and Inspiring Talks Each Day of the Summit 2011
We are getting really excited for the No Barriers Summit 2011 as it gets closer - Less than two weeks away now! Below we have listed some of the highlights from each day - these are not to be missed!


Opening Ceremony & Reception

Thursday 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Josh Blue

Opening Ceremony Keynote Performer

Perhaps best known as the comedian who puts the cerebral in Cerebral Palsy, Josh Blue exploded onto the national comedy scene by capturing the attention and endearment of the country as the winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Possessed with an undeniable likeability and comedic timing that belies his youthfulness; Josh continues to break down stereotypes of people with disabilities one laugh at a time.

Mark Goffeney

Opening Ceremony Musical Performer

Mark Goffeney's talent and ambition have helped him to achieve ongoing success as a performer, speaker and television personality. Born without arms, Mark spent ten years as a child spokesperson and principal fundraiser for Variety Clubs of America and The March of Dimes before committing to a full-fledged career in music. Having mastered his unique style of playing, Mark has since established himself with several professional musical groups.

We are the same - Mark Goffeney
We Are The Same - Mark Goffeney

Innovation Village

Friday 1:30 - 4:30 pm

Cody Unser

Guest Speaker

One afternoon during the 6th grade, Cody was at basketball practice when she began to feel excessively tired, had difficulty catching her breath, developed a pounding headache and her legs felt heavy, numb and "tingly." She was taken to the emergency room and sent home after evaluation. The next morning, Cody was unable to walk and returned to the hospital, paralyzed below her chest. The mysterious symptoms were finally diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis, a rare but often paralyzing -- and sometimes fatal -- spinal cord inflammation.

It was two months before Cody returned home, paralyzed and in a wheelchair but energized in her quest to build awareness of TM, promote cooperation among researchers and cure paralysis. Her accomplishments and activities have won national acclaim.

Cody Unser Blue


Awards Breakfast

Saturday 7:30 - 8:45 am

Jordan Romero

Breakfast Speaker & Goldsmith Award Recipient

The James O. Goldsmith Pioneering Spirit Award was created to recognize the individual or organization that passionately and selflessly works to break down the barriers that limit accessibility to life.

Jordan Romero was a regular nine-year-old boy when he saw a map of the famous "Seven Summits," the tallest mountains on Earth's seven continents, including massive Mt. Everest. His head filled with thoughts of snow-covered peaks, jagged rocks, billowing white clouds and deep blue skies. Four years later, Jordan his father, Paul, and his stepmother, Karen Lundgren, gazed down at those peaks and cloudy skies from the 29,035-foot summit of Mt. Everest. Jordan changed that day, and so did the world. Their accomplishment proves that a pioneering spirit is not limited by age, it is fueled by youthful energy and zeal combined with passion, love, teamwork and a belief in creating new possibilities.

Jordan with flag