Erik and Jeff Evans crossing a river in Greenland on the Arctic Team Challenge

Adventure Racing

After climbing Everest, I wanted a new challenge, so I took on the multi-disciplined sport of adventure racing. Mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, even scooters and navigating along the way, adventure racing is the ultimate challenge.   I have competed in many adventure races, and I am the founder of the Adventure TEAM Challenge which combines teams of able bodied and disabled athletes.  My most challenging race was Primal Quest, which is billed as the toughest multi-sport race in the world: 9 days; 457 miles; 60,000 feet of elevation gain; no time outs. Not only was I the first blind competitor to enter the event, but my team was one of 42 to cross the finish line out of the 80 elite teams that began. In 2011, I competed in ABC's Expedition Impossible, and our team took second place. 

  • Adventure Team Challenge

    The adventure race that I started is called the Adventure TEAM Challenge and it is unique because the 5-person teams must include two who are disabled and one of those must be in a wheelchair.
  • Expedition Impossible

    Millions of people around the country first heard about me in the summer of 2011 when my teammates and I, collectively known as Team No Limits, appeared on the ABC reality show Expedition Impossible.
  • PrimalQuest

    In September, 2003, I joined 320 stellar athletes from 17 countries to compete in PrimalQuest, the richest and toughest multi-sport adventure race in the world: 457 miles through the Sierra Nevada's, nine days, 60,000 feet of elevation gain, and no time-outs.