Skinning near Berthoud Pass, Colorado


Living in Colorado gives me ample opportunity to go skiing. From ripping the resorts with my family to long backcountry tours, skiing is one of my favorite adventures. It gives me a sense of speed that a blind person just doesn't get in everyday life. 

Together with one of my guides, Jeff Ulrich, I have developed a new system of guiding from the front that I believe is far superior to what has traditionally been taught to totally blind skiers. This unique method of guiding provides greater information to the blind skier, who is not only hearing a right and left command but can also follow the sound of the guide's voice. This system creates a more natural turn shape and athletic style.

Check out the links below to learn more about the special voice commands that help me carve arching turns on groomers, bounce between moguls and enjoy backcountry powder. 

  • Blind Skier’s Edge

    Erik and his friend Jeff Ulrich developed a new system where the guide is in front and gives verbal directions that more accurately describe the terrain.

  • Spring Skiing

    I joined up with a few friends for a day of adventure on Jones Pass, near Winter Park, CO. We left early and found ourselves in a deserted parking lot, a rare occurrence at this popular destination. 

  • Skiing with Arjun and Rob

    Recently, I had a fantastic day of skiing with my nine-year old son, Arjun, and “Uncle Rob” at Copper Mountain. Rob is a longtime climbing, kayaking, and adventure partner and guide who has been with me on many trips over the years. 

  • Presents - Blind Backcountry Part 1

    The first part of an interview with the Backcountry Coalition.  I discuss some of my more recent adventures, my thoughts on being a full time adventurer, and my techniques for blind backcountry skiing.

  • Presents - Blind Backcountry Part 2

    This is Part 2 of the interview I did with the Backcountry Coalition. Here I bring up ways that you can get involved, as well as what it takes to be one of my partners. I can't wait to get out and ski with them later this season!

  • Spring Skiing Fever

    Both ascents consist of long, sustained ice climbing and are a good test of physical and mental endurance. In addition to physical conditioning in the gym, I also try to spend a few long, hard days in the cold and wind to train my mind against the challenges of the mountain.