I am honored

It came as a pleasant surprise recently that the Connecticut Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame named a wrestling scholarship in my honor. The annual $500 award will go to a senior at any high school in the state who has wrestled for at least three years and demonstrated the ability to overcome exceptional adversity.

According to the announcement:

The recipient of this scholarship lives by the message written by Weihenmayer in his book, The Adversity Advantage: "I believe that inside each of us is something I can only describe as a light, which has the capacity to feed on adversity, to consume it like fuel. When we tap into that light, every frustration, every setback, every obstacle becomes a source to power our lives forward. The greater the challenge, the brighter the light burns. Through it, we become more focused, more creative, more driven, and can even learn to transcend our own perceived limitations to bring our lives more meaning."

Here's a photo of me and my first guide dog, Wizard, back in my wrestling days at Weston High: