Rolling with the Interior Secretary

Right before Christmas, I was kayaking with my friend and kayak coach Chris Wiegand in Confluence Park in front of the REI in Denver. This is the park Chris helped design, along with the Golden kayak park. It was a chilly December day and Chris had guided me successfully down the course twice with only one wave hitting me broadside and forcing me to do my first real (non-practice) eskimo roll. I rode a couple wave trains upsidedown and facing upstream and when I popped back up, some other paddlers along with us started applauding, along with some river-side spectators. When we pulled over, it turns out the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar (a former US Senator for Colorado), was one of the spectators. We took a photo with the secretary and it was quite a coincidence! That's the Secretary in the ten-gallon hat and me in the read helmet, not looking at the camera. My son, Arjun, is in the orange kayak. Check out Keith Deusch's take on that day on the Sustainability blog.