Caption Contest!

My buds Jeff and Ike had a little fun with me last week and a friend took this picture.

We posted it on Facebook and asked people to write a caption. 18 responses so far and some pretty good ones. Enjoy!

Ruby Roof — Heading in a new direction for 2011...

Becca Galindo — $5.99 per pound, fresh never frozen!

Matthew Kennedy — Three Stooges perform Bandaloop

Warren Hamelin — This weekend? Just hangin' with the guys.

Jen Krenzel — Climbers have gone batty...

Kristie Lewis — Think no evil, grip no evil , swing no evil!

Beth Doolittle — Just hanging out... ;-)

Nellie Sabin — Nice ankles, Erik.

Pat Deavoll — The middle guy's got the right idea- he's wearing a helmet!

Greg DePinto — Playing Possum

Tracy Price — You turned my world upside down - now don't let it go to your heads!

Mitchell O'Neill — The only known cure for an atomic wedgie.

Robert Clyse Jackson — Best way to catch dangleberries in the piehole.

Megan Berlinger — Dunning An apple amongst its leaves...

Greg Krauska — "Boy, you know the goose hanging in the butcher's window?" "Whuh, governor, the one as big as me?"

Luis Benitez — Seriously? Are you testing harnesses?!?!?!

Ari Melmed — Slowly, the White Male Larvae weave their colorful cocoons. In the spring they will emerge fully formed Colorado Forest Butterflies.

Feel free to add your own caption! Sorry no prizes, just for fun :-) I'll tell you a bit later what this was all about.