Adversity Advantage pre-sale

I've recently received a few advance copies of my newest book and am super excited! Although it bears the same name as the previous edition, this new deluxe version is infinitely better. We completely re-worked the text to make it more readable, I've added numerous stories from my adventures to illustrate points, and there are over 30 color photos.

For those of you who have attended one of my talks, this deluxe edition of The Adversity Advantage both reinforces my message and expounds upon many of the concepts. If you haven't heard me speak yet, this book will give you a good idea of my main themes. Keep in mind that I customize my talks for each audience and there isn't time to hit on every point we discuss in this book.

The first copies are due at shortly! You can place your order now and books will ship as soon as they arrive. For larger quantities (20 or more) or packages with my other books and videos, you can order through my web site but we can't give you a delivery date just yet.