Education Site Rollout

I am really excited to announce the rollout of an upgraded Education section on my web site. My team and I have developed an interactive site with a curriculum that will engage students and bring my message to life in the classroom.

As many of you know, before I became a professional adventurer and motivational speaker, I was a 5th grade English and math teacher. Of course, my interest in kids and education is even greater now that I am the father of two wonderful children ages 7 and 9. While I enjoy motivating adults of all ability levels, teaching and inspiring our youth is a passion.

The purpose of this Education web site is to help young people truly believe that no matter how difficult the challenges, they can make a difference in the world. We will reinforce this message by engaging the students in a variety of exercises.

The Everest Journey combines Google Earth views of the world’s highest mountain (in either 3-D or 2-D views) with video clips of our expedition and descriptions of key stages.

My Adventure Gallery features many photos from each of our climbs up the highest mountain on each continent.

The Education section includes Lesson Plans, a Lesson of the Day, and a Forum for discussions among teachers and myself. In addition to the full length curriculum that accompanies my memoir, Touch the Top of the World, we have created a series of supplemental lessons that raise issues, invite exploration, and entice students to challenge themselves.

This Education site is designed for students between 4th and 10th grades. It is offered at no charge—I simply request that you provide us with feedback and suggestions. Please spread the word about this Education site because the more students use it, the more we will develop and expand the curriculum.