Expedition Impossible

Millions of people around the country first heard of me in the summer of 2011 when myself and my teammates, collectively known as Team No Limits, appeared on the ABC reality show Expedition Impossible. After a month of nail-biting adventures in Morocco, Team No Limits finished in second place and won the hearts of fans around the world. Thank you everyone!

Team No Limits

  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #1

    I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Expedition Impossible, which aired last night on ABC! Somebody sure did because the show was ranked #1 among adults 18 to 49, teens 12 to 17, and kids 2 to 11—the highest rating the network has had on Thursday night since the finale of Lost in 2008.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #2 and #3

    Things have been pretty hectic lately—the second episode aired during the opening ceremonies of the No Barriers Summit and I was giving a talk in London as the third episode aired—so I’m combining these reports.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #4

    As you can imagine, Team No Limits was pretty psyched for the stage in the Atlas Mountains! Jeff and I both live around 5,500 feet so we barely even felt the altitude. Ike is the flatlander who lives in Kansas. But he had climbed a 20,000-foot peak in Nepal with us back in October so he didn’t have much problem with the thin air either.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #5

    Well, ABC billed this episode as “A Blind Man’s Nightmare” and it lived up to the hype. Though relatively flat, this is the type of terrain that is brutally hard on me. The loose rocks and uneven ground are incredibly treacherous for sighted people too—witness John’s blown ankle.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #6

    Another tough stage in Morocco! Lot’s of people commented on how beautiful the waterfall was at the beginning of the show, but I didn’t have a second to take in the beauty. Jeff and I were running down steep, broken, uneven stairs, crossing the river and scrambling along a narrow trail.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #7

    It’s crazy that there have been so many opportunities to get hurt—running along riverbeds, jumping off cliffs, charging down rocky slopes, plunging through snowfields—and Ike trashes his ankle getting into a taxi. In Morocco, there is a gutter between the sidewalk and the road and that’s what caught his foot.
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #8

    Before I fill you in on some of the backstory from last week’s episode, I’d like to share a few comments that mean so much to Jeff, Ike, and me. The three of us suffered a lot over this month-long adventure. But sentiments like these make all that pain and discomfort worth it!
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #9

    I couldn’t believe it! What the heck just happened?! There was no way we were going to beat the Cops. Despite Ike hobbling as fast as he could, they had passed us on a brutal cross country push and had a 15 minute lead. Yet…somehow…we did it!
  • Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes Finale

    Sure, we would have liked to win. But we were pretty happy coming in second to our friends, the Gypsies. They certainly deserved to win; after all they were first at nearly every stage and helped us squeak by several times throughout the challenges.
  • Local paper covers Team No Limits

    The Boulder Daily Camera recently ran an article about our team and the upcoming party at the Lazy Dog. Only one comment but at least it was a positive one.
  • Interview with Jeff and me in Westword

    Here’s a good interview with the two of us by Colin Blane in Westword.
  • Watch the Expedition Impossible finale

    So now it can be told…the Gypsies are coming to Boulder! Not only that but also the host of Expedition Impossible, David Salmoni, and the Executive Producer, Lisa Hennessy, too.
  • Expedition Impossible preview

    Here is a sneak peak of the first 15 minutes of Expedition Impossible. The show premiers next Thursday on ABC. Hope you’re getting psyched to cheer on Team No Limits!
  • New Expedition Impossible commercial

    “We’re in the Sahara, yo!” “It would be humiliating to lose to a blind guy!”
  • Radio Interview With Mark Burnett

    This morning, Mark Burnett and I were interviewed on the KOOL 105 Steve & Stephanie Morning show. Listen and you’ll hear us talking about Indiana Jones and Expedition Impossible.
  • Expedition Impossible – Meet the teams

    Here’s Jeff with his Hollywood hairdo while I’m sizing up Ike in case I have to carry him.
  • Expedition Impossible Teaser #7

    Here is a teaser commercial for Thursday’s episode where Ike gets more attention than he wanted!
  • Team No Limits hosting a No Barriers fundraiser

    Join Team No Limits to watch the final episode of Expedition Impossible and help support No Barriers!
  • Expedition Possible!

    Mark Burnett isn’t the only one creating incredible adventures. This past Labor Day, we invited friends to our place near Rollinsville, Colorado for a mini-expedition. Called Expedition Possible, twenty-four teams competed for the coveted prize: a picture of a Ford Explorer. 

  • Gypsies Colorado Adventure

    Well, this is the second week of withdrawal from Expedition Impossible and many of you may be feeling the lingering effects of going cold turkey. So I’ll brighten your day with some Gypsy love! 

  • Team No Limits entry to Expedition Impossible

    Tonight’s a big night for Team No Limits on Expedition Impossible! It’s safe to say that this will be a game changer … and leaping off a waterfall was just a warm up for this episode. Will you be watching? 

  • Expedition Impossible Premiere Party

    Last Thursday, Jeff Evans and I met up with 200+ friends at the Lazy Dog sports bar on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder to watch the premier of Team No Limits and Expedition Impossible. It was a GREAT time but I must admit it was so noisy that I missed most of the show and had to watch it the next day.

  • Team No Limits featured in TV Guide

    The premier of Expedition Impossible is just over a week away! Check out the new issue of TV Guide, which spotlights No Limits as a “Team To Watch.” If you are in the Colorado Front Range, join the “watch party” at the Lazy Dog on the Mall in Boulder every Thursday as long as Team No Limits lasts! The first episode airs on June 23rd on ABC.

  • Expedition Impossible – change of date

    ABC has moved the premier from June 21st to Thursday, June 23rd. Same bat time, same bat channel. Here’s the first commercial for our adventure race.

  • My Secret Is Out – Expedition Impossible!

    As you may know, I dropped out of sight for about four weeks this past March and April. Now I can tell you that I was in Morocco participating in a new reality TV show called Expedition Impossible! This is the latest creation of Mark Burnett, the producer of Eco-Challenge adventure races and the Survivor and The Apprentice reality shows.