Touch the Top Program

Our Touch the Top Curriculum Guide Program brings my story to life in the classroom. I hope to share a message that is a powerful example for students as they find their own ways through life, pushing past limits imposed on them.


No Barriers Climb Program

The No Barriers Climb Program is a complete toolbox to help students build the framework for their own No Barriers Lives. The objective of this program is to empower students to overcome their own personal barriers and, eventually, share that light with others.


Twenty Meters of Ice

I’m a summit guy. I love summits. They exist on top of mountains, and I’m not satisfied with anything less. In fact, when my kids were little and learning to rock climb, it drove me crazy when they’d stop half way up the wall and say, “I want to come down.” “Keep going,” I’d yell back. “You’re not at the top.”

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Touch the Top

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