No Barriers Leadership Video Series

Over the last two decades, I have been a part of adventures around the world, and along the way met many incredible people. The common thread has been the pursuit of what it means to live a No Barriers Life. In this series of short videos, I reflect on the many lessons I have learned with the hope of helping others to reach their own Summits and Elevate the world.
The No Barriers Leadership Series is a comprehensive introduction to the No Barriers message. It will also serve well as a follow up for those audiences who may have heard one of my keynotes and are seeking reinforcement and extension.


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1. Introduction


2. No Barriers Life


3. Positive Pessimism


4. Vision


5. Reach


6. Believing is Seeing


7. Pioneer


8. The Learning Curve


9. Alchemy


10. No Barriers Decision


11. Trust


12. Strength Forged In The Flames Of Adversity


13. Rope Team


14. Commitment


15. Ego


16. Mind Still Like Water


17. Step Up Or Step Back


18. Leading In The Dark


19. Summit


20. Elevate


21. Warriors


22. Closing