No Barriers Climb Program

The No Barriers Climb Program is a complete toolbox to help students build the framework for their own No Barriers Lives. The objective of this program is to empower students to overcome their own personal barriers and, eventually, share that light with others.

This program is designed for your convenience; you can squeeze all of the phases into one day, take several days to space out the time commitment, or spread the program out over several weeks for maximum depth. Additionally, we have attached at the end of the program a list of supplementary materials. You can use these as you see fit, incorporating them into the program or delving into them after the climb to reinforce the message.  

The cost of the program includes:

This program culminates in a 30-minute video conference with me, providing an opportunity for your students to ask questions and share their own No Barriers Pledges. 

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  • When I used the Climb Program in my classroom, I saw things I have never seen before. We had a lot of students with severe anxieties and fears about the ladder, but EVERY student went across. I saw a lot of scared faces, a few tears, but when they cried, it was like they reached the summit of Mt. Everest. One girl said when she got across the ladder, "I feel like I can tackle the world!” Your team is working miracles with this program. We have so many students that really needed this.
    Clare LaPier
    Momot Elementary
  • Two thumbs way up for the No Barriers Climb Program! Along with getting us a 360° picture of Erik’s compelling story and message, relevant and ample educational activities were provided. As my students reflected on the Skype session with Erik, they recognized that he truly exemplified the “No Barriers” mindset: an ordinary person who has overcome extraordinary odds. Erik’s program truly brought hope to our students, inspiring them to reach higher every day.

    Bryan Alvare
    Faith Christian Academy, Fernandina Beach, FL
  • The Climb Program was a tremendous success at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Nassau County. The beauty of this program is that regardless of each participant’s unique obstacles, each member was equipped with resources designed to meet their specific needs. Adversity is an aspect of life that is inevitable and universal, yet we are all affected in deeply personal ways. Through engaging activities and introspective group discussions, the participants developed lasting relationships and created fond memories that will endure through all present and future challenges. 

    Jamie Thompson
    Boys and Girls Clubs of Nassau County