No Barriers

I want to share with you my No Barriers mindset. It’s the idea that despite the fact that we all have challenges that want to knock us flat on our backs, we can attack those challenges head-on, breaking through them and living a life of purpose. We all want that kind of life for ourselves, for our families, and for the teams of people surrounding us. The best way is to live it; to start now!

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  • No Barriers Pledge

    Your pledge doesn’t have to be to climb a big scary mountain, but it should be a commitment to break through a barrier holding you back, or to reach for a goal that has eluded you. It could be a pledge to lose weight or quit smoking, or it could be to write that novel, or start the business you’ve dreamed of. Do the difficult, unexpected thing. That’s where life begins!

  • No Barriers

    No Barriers became a reality in the dramatic Dolomites of Italy in 2004. This organization is based on the assumption that each person, regardless of age, state of mind or physical condition, has a thirst for adventure and a hope for the future. Our motto: What's within you is stronger than what's in your way. 

  • No Barriers Warriors

    In 2010, my Everest team and I led a group of disabled soldiers, all injured in Iraq or Afghanistan, to the summit of Lobuche, a 20,100-foot peak in the Himalayas. The climb is featured in the documentary High Ground. Since then, I've been on numerous climbs with veterans and transitioning service members with disabilities as well as survivors of the fallen. They strive to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their very best to the world.

  • No Barriers Youth

    This youth program provides transformative journeys for middle and high school students from diverse backgrounds with the mission of unleashing their potential to change the world. I have led groups of sighted and non-sighted students to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru as well as on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was this trip that inspired me to kayak the entire length in 2014. 

  • No Barriers Women

    This new program encourages women to take action towards a No Barriers life, full of purpose and meaning. Their inaugural summit in Telluride embraced the energy of the outdoors. Stepping out from their everyday lives, this shared experience helped discover their true potential.

  • Anchor Center for Blind Children

    I'm a strong supporter of this center as they strive to provide education, hope and a nurturing environment to visually impaired infants, young children and their families. Every child should be allowed to reach their highest potential and I know the work accomplished at the Anchor Center sets children and their parents on the right path. 

  • Access Fund

    As a climber, it is my duty to work towards protecting America's climbing routes. Today, 1 in 5 climbing areas in the United States is threatened by an access issue—whether it's private land lost to development, public land managers over-regulating climbing, or climber impacts degrading the environment, the list of threats is long and constantly evolving. My climb up the Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon helped support the fund's great work.


  • Trust for Public Land

    Creating parks and protecting land for people, the Trust for Public Land is one of my favorite non-profits. I helped lead spectacular hikes to the Zion Narrows and Wilson Peak in Colorado to raise awareness about easy access to safe places to play in nature.