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Only available here – signed copies of my three books.

As my life of adventure and breaking through barriers has unfolded, I have had the opportunity to put my experiences on paper in the form of three books. My bestselling memoir, Touch the Top of the World, chronicles my journey from losing my sight to the top of Mt. Everest. For my second book, The Adversity Advantage, I teamed up with thought leader Paul Stoltz to discover the science behind harnessing adversity to propel yourself forward. No Barriers, my new book, is the story of my personal and professional struggles in the pursuit of growth, learning, and family, as well as a dream to kayak one of the world’s great rivers. More importantly, it is a story of the many people I’ve encountered along the way who possess what I call a No Barriers Mindset: people who have risked failure, transcended personal barriers, and shown others a way forward.

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Touch the Top of the World is also available in an unabridged audio format, with a special Everest afterword. To download and listen, follow this link.