Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Changing Lives in East Africa

When a group of friends and I joined together to form Kilimanjaro Blind Trust in 2005, we hoped to increase access to basic equipment that would allow blind and visually impaired children in East Africa to live a more purposeful life. None of us anticipated how the organization’s reach would explode within the first decade of its existence. It is beyond thrilling to be able to report just how big of an influence they have had on the education of thousands of young people in East Africa.

If It Were 60 Degrees Warmer, It'd Be Freezing Out Here!

Mt. Katahdin, the highest point in Maine and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, rises dramatically above the surrounding lowland lake country. Named by the Penobscot tribe, it means “The Greatest Mountain.”  A New England classic, Katahdin has been on my tick list for a long time, and especially as a winter mountaineering ascent. So I enlisted a few buddies: my colleague - Skyler Williams, long time friend - Bob Vilter from CT, Charley Mace - who has been with me to summits around the world, and our local guide and cold-weather expert  - Dick Chasse. 

Erik and The Ribbon, Round 4

Warm sunny weather drew my good friend Rob Raker and me back to the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado to try and knock off some of the classic climbs that have eluded me over the years. The first, Ames Ice Hose, is infamous among climbers, and located just off the road to Ophir, outside of Telluride. I’ve been skunked several times by bad conditions and competing parties of climbers, so we left at 5:00 am to make sure we were the first ones there. Arriving to an empty parking lot, we breathed a sigh of relief at having the area to ourselves for the time being.

You Are the Wind Beneath My Climb

The flatirons that sit above Boulder, Colorado are one of the most iconic images of the Colorado Front Range. They are also one of my favorite places for rock climbing. A absolute classic, the First Flatiron is perched above the world-famous Chautauqua Park, and rumor has it that there are killer views at the top. A couple of my very talented climbing buddies, Charley Mace and Timmy O’Neill, joined me for a little adventure a few weeks ago.

Freedom Fidos

Some of you are familiar with my involvement in No Barriers Warriors, formerly Soldiers to Summits. It is exciting to report news that makes us all proud and reflects so highly on the program. Matt Burgess was on our second program when we climbed 19,347' Cotopaxi in Ecuador. It’s safe to say that Matt struggled throughout that trip physically and mentally, but he reached the summit and says the experience was a catalyst to transformation. 

2015 No Barriers Summit Registration Is Open!

The 2015 No Barriers USA Summit Registration is open! This year it will be in Park City, UT on July 9-12, 2015. 

Three Times Not the Charm

Climbing a mountain is always uncertain, and the summit is never guaranteed. You prepare by picking a great team, training hard, and having a smart plan based on good, conservative decisions. No matter how good your preparation, however, the mountains have a way of showing you they are in charge.

2015 Leading the Way Programs

Leading the Way is a program I helped No Barriers USA start almost a decade ago. I love seeing it grow and blossom. Our first few trips were to the Peruvian Andes, and we expanded to other amazing parts of the world like the Amazon and the Grand Canyon.

No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition Team Reflection-Lonnie Bedwell

Lonnie Bedwell, a former Navy Petty Officer and submariner, was injured in a hunting accident that took his sight instantly. After raising his family, 13 years later, he was introduced to adaptive sports, learning to kayak by doing hundreds of rolls in the pond on his Indiana farm. Lonnie enjoys the wilderness to its fullest, fishing and hunting with his daughters on a regular basis. He joined the No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition to emphasize the importance of supporting our veterans on their journey home.

No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition Team Reflection-Harlan Taney

Harlan Taney has made a life of adventuring around the globe. He has kayaked exotic rivers from China to Norway, South America to New Zealand. For the last 18 years, Harlan has spent his summers as a Grand Canyon river guide amassing somewhere in the ballpark of 160 trips down the “Big Ditch.” He has joined Erik for adventures from Mexico and Peru to the Salmon River in Idaho. Harlan served as Erik’s primary guide on the No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition. When he is not guiding, Harlan runs his own production management company, 4 Corner Film Logistics.