Himalayan Stove Project

There are a lot of great non-profits doing important work in the world. Sometimes the smaller, lesser-known organizations are the ones doing the most good with the least fanfare or funding. The Himalayan Stove Project (HSP) is one such worthy cause. HSP was started by my old friend, George Basch, who I climbed Aconcagua with 14 years ago. George also accompanied me to base camp of Everest to see me off and wish me well. He’s trekked and climbed all over the world from Bhutan to Tanzania.

No Barriers Summit - Impressive Numbers Tell the Tale

The No Barriers Summit 2011 has been over for two months now, but the excitement it sparked for so many people is still buzzing in the air. So now, after the dust has settled a bit and we've had a chance to compile this information, we can share some cool stats with you: Did you know, there were over 1100 available spots in clinics this year? A total of 582 people from 42 different states and 3 countries attended!

Gypsies Colorado Adventure

Well this is the second week of withdrawal from Expedition Impossible and many of you may be feeling the lingering effects of going cold turkey. So I’ll brighten your day with some Gypsy love! As you know, we had a roaring party for the final episode that raised over $10,000 for No Barriers and Free The Children. Suffice to say, the party didn’t end when the show was over. So the next day, we got a late start and headed up to my house in the mountains about an hour from town.

Interview with Maximum Adventure

Here is an interview that I recently gave to Chris Taylor for the Maximum Adventure blog. http://maximumadventure.net/2011/09/01/erik-weihenmayer-inspiring-even-i...

Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes Finale

Sure, we would have liked to win. But we were pretty happy coming in second to our friends, the Gypsies. They certainly deserved to win; after all they were first at nearly every stage and helped us squeak by several times throughout the challenges. However, Team No Limits was determined to make those Gypsy boys work for it! And we did get a lot of pleasure beating them in the sailing stage.

Quandary Peak Celebration

And now for something completely different. You might recall that back in May, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of my Everest climb. To commemorate this life-changing event, my Everest team reassembled to lead a mini-expedition up one of Colorado's 14ers, Quandary Peak. Together we took over 50 people, including disabled soldiers, to the summit of a beautiful mountain. In the process, we also raised over $10,000 for No Barriers and Soldiers To The Summit!

Own a piece of Expedition Impossible!

Were you inspired this summer by Team No Limits and Team Modern Gypsies? Would you like a lasting memory of our epic adventure? Would you like to help out two great non-profit organizations?

Interview with Jeff and me in Westword

Here's a good interview with the two of us by Colin Blane in Westword. Thanks, Colin!

Expedition Impossible Behind the Scenes #9

I couldn’t believe it! What the heck just happened?! There was no way we were going to beat the Cops. Despite Ike hobbling as fast as he could, they had passed us on a brutal cross country push and had a 15 minute lead. Yet…somehow…we did it! But lets go back to the beginning. Only the day before, we had had the unlikeliest of wins over the California Girls. We woke up the next morning, partly in disbelief that we were still in the competition yet still facing the reality that a team with a blind guy and a badly sprained ankle didn’t have much chance.

Local paper covers Team No Limits

The Boulder Daily Camera recently ran an article about our team and the upcoming party at the Lazy Dog. Only one comment but at least it was a positive one.