High Ground Wins!

The premier of High Ground on Saturday was simply awesome! Michael Brown did a fantastic job of documenting our Lobuche expedition and explaining the struggles that many returning veterans face. High Ground won both the "Call To Action" and the "People's Choice" awards for the entire Boulder International Film Festival!

Himalayan Stove Project update

Back in September, I wrote about the Himalayan Stove Project, which is run by my friend George Basch. It's a great program doing a wonderful thing for the health of thousands of people while also protecting the environment. I just received word that an entire container with 1,539 high-tech biofuel stoves is on the way to Kathmandu. These will be distributed free of charge over the next couple of months. This is a real mile-stone and bodes well for the future.

A Meme for Uri

Uri is my latest guide dog and he works hard for me. So in his honor, I had to share this one:  

Major Achievement on Kilimanjaro!

On January 15th, my friend Kyle Maynard made a historic ascent of the highest peak in Africa became the first man to crawl to the 19,340 ft. summit. In setting a world record for what is achievable, Kyle became a prime example of what I call the "No Barriers mindset."

Running the Sacred Monkey River

In January, I reunited with my friends from Expedition Impossible, the Modern Gypsies, for an exciting whitewater kayaking adventure in southern Mexico. As you may recall, Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach, and John Post won the month-long adventure race in Morocco while my team, No Limits, came in second place. I hate losing but, if I must, I’m happy it was to people I truly like. Joining us on this paddling trip were some other good friends including Rob Raker, Chris Weigand, Skyler Williams, and my little brother Eddie.

Adventure TEAM Challenge registration

I am psyched to announce that the Adventure TEAM Challenge is now open for registration! This year, we have moved the race up to May 18-20 to give everyone an awesome kickstart to their summer. And we've moved it to the mountain-bike mecca of Colorado, Fruita! This year's race is going to be bigger and better than ever. Get your teams together now and sign up by going to the web site. See you there!


Recovery is a vital part of training. And the older I get, the more I have to recover! All those accumulated little injuries begin to take a toll. While rest and massage great ways to heal your body, lately I've been receiving treatments of cold laser therapy. This is a clinically-proven method for stimulating your body's own healing mechanisms. Check out this video to learn more:  

Training for the River, Part 2

Here is the second part of my training with Anton video. I should point out that this is just one of many workouts that he puts me through. We mix it up a lot and I'm always worn out by the end of a session! Next will see some healing that he helps me with. If you have questions for Anton Ferguson, you can reach him by email: contact@fitnesslaser.com

Jeff's Haitian Adventure

My good friend, Jeff Evans, recently returned from an incredible adventure in Haiti. They got the full experience with surfing, kite-boarding, and a rolled truck. Head on over to Jeff's blog for a good read!

Training for the River, Part 1

I am often asked how I train for adventures. So I thought I'd show you what it takes to get ready for an expedition. Over the past couple of months, I have been preparing for a whitewater kayaking trip in Mexico. This video will give you an idea of what I've been doing with my trainer, Anton Ferguson.