The NEW Adversity Advantage

It’s been a major team effort but we just shipped the final edits for the new deluxe edition of my book, The Adversity Advantage to the publisher! This new edition features many stories from my expeditions to the Seven Summits that tie into the key points my co-author, Dr. Paul Stoltz, and I make about turning adversity on its head. There are also 31 color photos from the climbs to give you a better feel for what it’s like to ascend the highest summit on each continent.

I am really stoked about this new edition! The original version, which came out two years ago, was more business oriented. I have tried to make this edition of The Adversity Advantage more readable and personal.

We expect to have the new edition available by August. You will be able to purchase small quantities from your local bookstore (hopefully) or online via Larger quantities will be available through this web site. We will also offer a package that includes my other book and DVDs.

Click on the covers for larger views.