Soldiers on the Summit!

We did it! On October 13th, eight of our injured soldiers reached the 20,075-foot summit of Lobuche. These men and women overcame their injuries, gave it their all, and achieved a great victory—not only for themselves but for other veterans, disabled people, and all of our sponsors.

We set out from high camp at 17,000 feet in two teams. The first team—consisting of Brad Bull, Steve Baskis, Sherman Bull, myself, Jeff Evans, Kami Tenzing, Ashley Crandall, Michael Brown, Rex Pemberton, and Didrik Johnck—left at 1:15 AM; Ashley felt the altitude and turned back. The second team—Charley Mace, Matt Nyman, Matt Murray Luis Benitez, Ike Isaacson, Dan Sidles, Kevin Cherilla, Chris Morris, Nico Moroulis, Chad Jukes, Chad Butrick, Brian Mockenhaupt—left camp at 3 AM. Catherine Raggazino (Rizzo) also felt the altitude and stayed at camp and Cody Miranda elected to stay with her.

For the rest of us, it was a long haul to the summit. I reached the top at 8:15 AM with Kami Tenzing. By 9:30 AM all of us were gathered on top of Lobuche! We enjoyed a spectacular view of Everest and the Khumbu valley before heading back down around 10:30 AM. The first of our team reached high camp around 1:45 PM and the last came in around 4 PM. It was a hard day for everyone!

We are having a live team call tonight on the internet and you are welcome to attend. To register, you need to go to this link (takes 20 seconds). The call starts at 9:45 PM EST and will last about an hour. Sorry it's so late for you on the East Coast but we are on the opposite side of the world!