Soldiers Press Coverage

Even over here in Nepal, we are hearing about news reports on our expedition. My buddy Kevin Cherilla got a glamour boy photo and a cool article in his local paper (The Arizona Republic) and web site. Please let us know if you see any other media coverage around the country. We're heading out from Namche into the big mountains! This is when the real work begins for everyone.

Meet Soldier Hero Steve Baskis

We're on our way into the Khumbu now. So far, the expedition has been running relatively smoothly. Which isn't to say there haven't been problems but you always have to expect problems on any complicated mission. While we are trekking into Base Camp, I'd like to introduce you to some of our soldier heroes. Since I am blind, I of course share a special connection with 24-year-olde Steve Baskis. But while I lost my vision gradually at an early age, Steve lost his sight literally in the blink of an eye.

Kathmandu: Our Hero’s Journey Begins

After a year of fundraising, organizing, and recruiting I can’t believe we’re finally here in Kathmandu ready to embark on our adventure to climb Lobuche. I’m really proud of the team for all their hard work and training and I’m grateful for all the donors, sponsors, and World TEAM Sports community who have got us to this point.

"Into The Wind" premiers tonight!

As many of you know, I consider Terry Fox, the Canadian who defied cancer and set out to run coast-to-coast after losing a leg, a personal hero. He inspired me, and countless others, to take on our adversities. In fact, I mentioned Terry just the other day in the first excerpt from my book, The Adversity Advantage.

Great Achievement on El Cap!

Congrats to Steve Wampler! Last week, he became the first person with cerebral palsy to climb El Capitan in Yosemite. Until he began is six-day ascent, Steve had never spent more than 24 hours out of his powered wheel chair. He estimates that he made 20,000 pull-ups during the 3,000 foot climb.

The Adversity Advantage - Excerpt #1

As you hopefully know by know, the new Deluxe Edition of my book, The Adversity Advantage, has recently been released. I am very excited about this latest version, which is both more exciting to read and more illustrative of my message. Over the next few months, I will provide some excerpts that should give you a taste of what is inside.

Soldiers to the Summit PSA's

This month and next, you may run across a full-page ad in national media for our upcoming expedition. I did a little horse trading and got us $250,000 worth of coverage for free! Keep your eyes out in Time, Newsweek, The Week, Us News & World Report, and Sports Illustrated! Please post here where you saw the ad.

No Barriers Summit - June 2011, Plan ahead!

I'm excited to help bring a major international event to my backyard! Next summer, Winter Park, Colorado we will be the setting for the fifth No Barriers Summit. Scheduled from June 30th to July 3rd, 2011, this is the world's top gathering of scientists, innovators, and disabled outdoor athletes. The No Barriers Summit is a unique opportunity for people to check out the latest assistive technologies, meet some amazing people who have turned adversity to their advantage, and participate in a wide range of clinics and sympossiums.

The River Unseen - Blind Kayaking

Recently, I went whitewater kayaking on a section of the Colorado River with my friend Chris Wiegand. Chris paddled a K2 with Skyler up front while I paddled my solo kayak. This section is mostly Class II whitewater, which is good training for me to work on my skills such as eddying out and rolling. If all goes well, I plan on kayaking the Grand Canyon in a year when we take a group of disabled students down on rafts. I'm fortunate to have a partner such as Chris, a longtime river rat who was selected at the Chinese National Kayak coach.

Soldiers to the Summit 3DATS Promo

Our Soldiers to the Summit expedition is picking up a lot of momentum with many sponsors chipping into help. For the architects among us, 3DATS and CGarchitect have partnered up to offer 50% off their line of books with ALL proceeds going to the soldiers!