More Dog News

You might recall that around this time last year, I wrote about a blind guy named Scott Cunningham and his guide dog Travis who hiked 95-miles of rugged terrain in the Scottish Highlands to raise money for charity. So far, the duo has raised about $200,000 for training guide dogs.

Well Travis is getting ready to retire but he has one more challenge before he get's to enjoy the leisure life...Scott and Travis are going to make the first guide dog ascent of the highest peak in the United Kingdom, Ben Nevis! On June 25th, they will be joined by a host of volunteers for the "Up The Ben" fundraiser. Sounds like a fun and worthy event.

At the moment it looks like over one hundred people will be going up with them including lots of the British Royal Marine Commandos and the ex-footballers (aka, soccer players on this side of the pond) who have walked with him in previous years. Alas, I can't attend because that's the weekend of the Adventure Team Challenge.

Uri sends Travis his best dog wishes for the climb!