High Ground Screenings Near You

If you are in San Diego, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, or Houston, then you have an opportunity to see the movie High Ground in the first week of October. If you aren’t in one of those areas or if you can’t make the date already set up, then you can arrange to host your own screening.

High Ground, featuring our first Soldiers to Summits project, is finally being released in theatres. I’ve watched, or should say, “heard,” a lot of films about our veterans, and none of them come close to portraying in such a powerful way the struggles and hurdles our military men and women experience as they try to make a life in the civilian world after life-changing injuries.

The setting is our dramatic climb of Lobuche, a 20,000-foot peak in the Himalayas. But this mountain only serves as a metaphor for the personal journeys these soldiers are embarking on as they make progress towards reclaiming their lives. their stories, both painful and deeply inspiring, carry this film and make it an experience which profoundly affects us as we consider our own barriers and breakthroughs. High Ground is directed by Michael Brown and produced by Don Hahn, who also produced such classics as Beauty and the Beast and Lion King, so the film has a beautiful soundtrack and I’ve heard, stunning imagery.

The High Ground screenings are organized through a new online service called Tugg.com. It’s a unique system where tickets are sold in advance and the movie then plays as long as they sell at least half the seats at the theater. If not enough tickets sell, you get your money back.

At present, San Diego will be October 1st, Austin will be October 3rd, Columbia MD and Lakewood WA will be October 4th, and Houston will be October 8th. None of these screenings are specific No Barriers screenings, but being hosted by local veterans organizations which in one way or another make the homecoming for veterans a more successful process. Also none of these screenings have reached their minimum ticket sales so please spread the word.

We’re now in the midst of our second Soldiers to Summits project, having recruited a new team of veterans. The project will end with a climb of Cotopaxi, a high volcano in Ecuador. Our mission is to provide returning veterans new tools and approaches, even a new mindset, to shatter barriers and continue to make an impact in the world.