Help A Blinded Boy

A year ago, the parents of then five-year-old Fernando Caled Alvarado Rios gouged out his eyes for a satanic ritual. He and his older brother Kevin, who witnessed the attack, survived but are now in a children's shelter. The parents and five others are in jail, hopefully for a very long time.

When a friend first told me about this horrific story, I sat on it for a longtime because it was so inhuman I didn’t even know how to react. I think we all have the tendency to look away from such cruelty and brutality.

Then I started thinking, “What can I do?” I can’t change what happened to Fernando but maybe I can bring a little bit of good into his life. So perhaps donating and helping spread the word will help Fernando understand that there is love in the world.

My friend, Laura-Osorio Gonzalez, has contacted the shelter and was told both brothers are adapting well. They say that Fernando is well cared for and he sings in the choir and plays violin. The Mexican government is currently covering all their expenses but we can send letters, books, toys or clothing. And a trust fund has been established for when Fernando turns 18.


Item donations and letters can be sent to:

Lic. Maria Isela Avila or Enriqueta Alonso

In care of: Fernando Alvarado Rios

DIF - Atencion Ciudadana

Paseo Colon, Esq. Paseo Tollocan, 2do Piso

Colonia Isidro Fabela, Toluca, Mexico

Money can be sent to:

DIF Edo. de Mexico

Account Number: 4054723887

Bank: HSBC

In care of: Fernando Alvarado Rios

If you make a donation, please provide them with contact information so that they can keep track and send thank you letters.