Gypsies Colorado Adventure

Well this is the second week of withdrawal from Expedition Impossible and many of you may be feeling the lingering effects of going cold turkey. So I’ll brighten your day with some Gypsy love!

As you know, we had a roaring party for the final episode that raised over $10,000 for No Barriers and Free The Children. Suffice to say, the party didn’t end when the show was over. So the next day, we got a late start and headed up to my house in the mountains about an hour from town.

After all the craziness leading up to the finale, it was great to get away to a quiet place in the woods, next to a beautiful lake, and relax a bit. Of course, I had to take the Gypsies over to our rope swing and, well, boys will be boys!



The next day, we took the Gypsies to Clear Creek Canyon, near Golden, for some rock climbing. Now the Gyps may be world travellers and fashionistas but they are new to this climbing thing. So we had a bit of fun teaching them the ropes. As you know, they’re really good athletes so they picked climbing up pretty quickly and managed to get up some hard routes.

You can rest assured that Team No Limits and Team Modern Gypsies paths will cross again in the future. We all had a lot of fun together during our 4-week Moroccan expedition. And we had a blast hanging out in Colorado celebrating our first and second place finish.