Expedition Possible!

Mark Burnett isn't the only one creating incredible adventures. This past Labor Day, we invited friends to our place near Rollinsville, Colorado for a mini-expedition. Called Expedition Possible, twenty-four teams competed for the coveted prize: a picture of a Ford Explorer. The Explorer looked very much like the one presented to the Gypsies after their big win. It just wasn't as big.

My friend Rob Raker designed the course and took these photos--a huge effort by a man with a huge heart! The competition involved similar activities seen on the ABC show: map reading, riddles and puzzles to solve, objects to find, and answering key questions about native flora and fauna (ospreys, lodgepole and ponderosa pine trees, frogs, etc.) We just couldn't find camels or Arabian stallions. Instead, we had teams catching crawdads, feeding carrots to a rather large Percheron horse, biking, running, boating, and swimming. The final challenge was to dive down in search of a golf ball – the ticket to finish.

But the most thrilling part of the day was yet to come! You see, our ranch is haunted by a lady who lived at the turn of the century. I told everyone the full story about how there was an accident involving a horse. She died and her ghost now lives in the old barn guarding over her child. Then we all went for a peek inside through a little peephole, through the rays of the sunlight, and the dust, you find in the back, a crib - a baby crib. Freaky scary!

The winners are listed below.

Grown-up Category:

1. Team Surf 'N Turf (Becky Hall and Charley Mace)

2. Brainy Brunettes (Rebecca Archer and Pam Waltz)

3. Team Alt-i-Tude (Leslie and John Altman)

Mixed; Adult and Child

1. The Blonde Bombers (Julie and Sadie Grimm)

2. The Red Rockets (Cork and Sam Grimm)

3. Team Super Cool (Matt and Max Paolucci)

Kids Only

1. Team Drummer Boys (Jack Nasky and Julian Archer)

2. Small and Tall and Small (Kate Altman, Roxie Holmes, and Abby Waltz)

3. The Golden Girls (Emma Weihenmayer, Mara Coe, and Natalie Capaul)


Ready, set, go!

Team Small and Tall and Small unscramble letters to spell "Osprey"

Team Angry Birds

Connor Logan grabs the coveted red-striped golf ball.

Race coordinators: Aurea, Victoria, and my wife, Ellie

Children at play. Photo by Charley Mace.

The winners, Charley and Becky, thank me for their prize.