Elbert Fundraising Climb

Hard to believe but it's been 10 years since I climbed Everest! A lot has happened since then and my team and I are still working together to give back after the mountains have given us so much. Our latest effort was the Soldiers To The Summit expedition and now we are working on making the film happen.

This May, we are going to celebrate the big anniversary by climbing the highest peak in Colorado, Mount Elbert, along with special guests and interested donors. The goal is to raise $25,000 that will go towards the film project and tour. We are hoping to bring along 25 people who would like to climb with me, Jordan Romero, and over a dozen other Everest climbers and soldiers. Michael Brown from Serac Adventures Films will be filming the ascent and will prescreen the Soldiers film the night before at a special dinner.

Hope you can make it! Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.


On May 25th, 2001, Erik Weihenmayer made the first blind ascent of Mount Everest. On May 22nd, 2010, at age 13, Jordan Romero became the youngest person to summit the world’s highest peak. To commemorate the anniversaries of their historic climbs, Erik and Jordan are teaming up to raise funds for the Soldiers To The Summit Project.

Last fall, Erik and his historic Everest team organized an expedition as a way to give back to America’s heroes. The members included 12 wounded soldiers from the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marines whose injuries included amputations, blindness, and PTSD. Together with the climbing team, these remarkable men and women reached the summit of a steep and difficult Himalayan peak to prove what is possible despite adversity and to push forward on the difficult road of rehabilitation.

With the expedition a tremendous success, the next phase of the project is underway, with help from No Barriers USA. Proceeds of the Elbert climb will go towards a film that tells the stories of these heroes and spreads a healing message to a national audience, as well as other injured soldiers facing their own recovery.

At 14,440 feet, Mount Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado. The ascent involves 4,700 feet of elevation gain in just over 4 miles and much of the trail is above treeline—this is a strenuous climb that requires good fitness!

In addition to Erik and Jordan, you will be accompanied by other Everest veterans and wounded soldiers. Michael Brown, the filmmaker of both Soldiers to the Summit and Farther Than the Eye Can See, and Rex Pemberton, youngest Australian to climb Everest, will be alongside to create a short film of our ascent as a memento. The night before the climb, we will host a special reception and private screening of the Soldiers To The Summit documentary. Please join us for an exciting adventure and help our soldiers!

Cost: $1000.00 per person (tax-deductible) includes hotel and dinner in Leadville and dinner on Thursday night.

Contact: Nicole Spader
No Barriers USA
Phone: 952-472-2400
Email: nicoleds@nobarriersusa.org