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Interview with Jeff and me in Westword

Here's a good interview with the two of us by Colin Blane in Westword. Thanks, Colin!

Local paper covers Team No Limits

The Boulder Daily Camera recently ran an article about our team and the upcoming party at the Lazy Dog. Only one comment but at least it was a positive one.

Hugh Herr Interview on NPR

My friend and fellow board member at No Barriers was interviewed today on NPR. As a teenager, Hugh lost both of his legs below the knees due to a mountaineering accident. Now he is a professor at MIT and still an amazing dude!  

Curing Blindness in Nigeria

My good friend Geoff Tabin has climbed Everest and the other Seven Summits. He's also Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and Director of the Division of International Ophthalmology at the John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Over the past 15 years, Geoff has organized cataract removal projects around the globe, starting in the Himalaya and expanding to other regions.

People Magazine Q&A

Wow, I made the same page as Roseanne Barr! This is from the July 22nd issue of the "#1 celebrity magazine."

No Barriers Summit Major Success!

The 2011 No Barriers Summit was definitely our best yet! It had a big impact on everyone who attended. We had so many great participants who took advantage of their own adversities propelled themselves forward to new heights.

Nice NPR Story

Here's a nice story that rand today on some NPR stations in the Southwest region. It's about a program that I helped develop called Leading The Way, which takes teens who are visually impaired along with sighted teens on adventures around the world. The latest trip was to the Grand Canyon.

BrainPort on BBC

Here's a short video of my climbing Castleton Tower, near Moab Utah, while using the BrainPort vision device. This is an excerpt from a TV special on BBC. It has shown in the UK but not on this side of the pond yet.

Radio Interview With Mark Burnett

This morning, Mark Burnett and I were interviewed on the KOOL 105 Steve & Stephanie Morning show. Listen and you'll hear us talking about Indiana Jones and Expedition Impossible. KOOL 105 interview

Home Boy Makes Good!

Great article in the Roanoke, Virginia newspaper about my man Jeff! The building excitement about Expedition Impossible is palpable. Hope you're planning to watch and cheer on Team No Limits!