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Soldiers to the Summit PSA's

This month and next, you may run across a full-page ad in national media for our upcoming expedition. I did a little horse trading and got us $250,000 worth of coverage for free! Keep your eyes out in Time, Newsweek, The Week, Us News & World Report, and Sports Illustrated! Please post here where you saw the ad.

No Barriers Summit - June 2011, Plan ahead!

I'm excited to help bring a major international event to my backyard! Next summer, Winter Park, Colorado we will be the setting for the fifth No Barriers Summit. Scheduled from June 30th to July 3rd, 2011, this is the world's top gathering of scientists, innovators, and disabled outdoor athletes. The No Barriers Summit is a unique opportunity for people to check out the latest assistive technologies, meet some amazing people who have turned adversity to their advantage, and participate in a wide range of clinics and sympossiums.

The River Unseen - Blind Kayaking

Recently, I went whitewater kayaking on a section of the Colorado River with my friend Chris Wiegand. Chris paddled a K2 with Skyler up front while I paddled my solo kayak. This section is mostly Class II whitewater, which is good training for me to work on my skills such as eddying out and rolling. If all goes well, I plan on kayaking the Grand Canyon in a year when we take a group of disabled students down on rafts. I'm fortunate to have a partner such as Chris, a longtime river rat who was selected at the Chinese National Kayak coach.

Soldiers to the Summit 3DATS Promo

Our Soldiers to the Summit expedition is picking up a lot of momentum with many sponsors chipping into help. For the architects among us, 3DATS and CGarchitect have partnered up to offer 50% off their line of books with ALL proceeds going to the soldiers!

First Pitch

Earlier this summer, when I was in Columbus Ohio to speak to the Boy Scouts, I was invited to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. Believe it or not, I got the ball right over home plate! Here's the video to prove it:

Blind Football

For the minority here in the US, it's called soccer. But whatever you call it, here's an interesting story about the Blind World Championships. I think I'll stick to climbing, skiing, biking, and kayaking. http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/08/blind-soccer

Biking Blind, the Leadville Trail 100

Wow. What a sufferfest! Racing the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race is easily one of the hardest things I have ever done; it's almost 15,000 feet of elevation gain, most above 10,000 feet.

Training Soldiers in Colorado

Last week, our Soldiers To The Summit team (http://soldierstothesummit.org/) got everyone together for an amazing training session here in Colorado. Though we've all been in virtual contact for the past few months, this was the first opportunity for everyone on the expedition to meet in person. (The only climber missing was Luis Benitez. But since he was still heading home from an attempt on K2, we'll cut him some slack!)

Presidential Encouragement

Last week, we held our training session for the soldiers on our upcoming expedition. These men and women have all sacrificed greatly in behalf of our country. Our goal on this climb is to both give back to these heroes and to inspire others.

More News About Soldiers

Our Soldiers To The Summit Expedition is getting more good media attention. Here is an article in The Denver Post about our recent training session.