A Note From My Friend Dean

The Inspiration of the Adventure TEAM Challenge


The Adventure TEAM Challenge has inspired our team at Alteryx. Its impact has moved our organization to participate as the presenting sponsor in the 2011 ATC, because the reward from this experience--this extraordinary community of amazing teams--is so much bigger than any of us realize as individuals. We come to the ATC as a team bonded by this understanding, and so look forward to contributing to and supporting this exceptional gathering of old and new friends. As we prepare to attend the 2011 ATC, let me share a story from a few days ago.

ATC Alteryx Logo

I was shopping at REI over the weekend, getting some of the things I need for the ATC, and I watched a man in a wheelchair picking up some climbing gear. I got goose bumps thinking about what a paraplegic can accomplish, such challenging things ... then I realized, he will likely have some help from others ... and may well be a bigger help to those able-bodied around him who have never climbed. And then it hit me-in just a few days, my associates from Alteryx and I will be participating in this very same vision of sharing and accomplishment that so profoundly moved me.

From seasoned adventure athletes to weekend warriors to desk-jockeys desiring adventure, the ATC will challenge and excite all of us. Each participant preparing to join with teammates, digging deep within their mind, body, and spirit to compete in this ultimate team adventure-meeting challenges, building camaraderie, and celebrating true diversity by working together to overcome obstacles.

Thank you to all Alteryx and ATC contributors for your support. We look forward to exciting challenges with outcomes from huge personal and team wins awaiting all of us this weekend.