Erik Weihenmayer

“A spark of greatness exists in all people, but only by touching that spark to adversity's flame does it blaze into the force that fuels our lives and the world.”

From September 7-28, 2014, I tackled another historic challenge: solo kayaking the Grand Canyon 277 miles, from Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Ferry. Joining me was blind Navy veteran and accomplished...

The achievement I am most proud of, and probably most noted for, is being the only blind person to climb the Seven Summits. This quest began in 1995 with the ascent of Mount McKinley (aka Denali)...

Shortly after going blind, I received a newsletter in Braille about a group taking blind kids rock climbing. I thought to myself, "who would be crazy enough to take a blind kid rock climbing"? So...

  • Changing Mindsets

    Erik's Outreach

    Erik's outreach is focused on helping others tackle personal challenges, whatever they may be, to reach their full potential. His message, purveyed through his books and speaking, is instrumental in sharing the No Barriers Mindset with people around the world.  Much of Erik's work is still very hands-on, and he actively works with programs that foster the No Barriers Mindset.

  • Education

    I started out my professional life as a 5th grade school teacher at Phoenix Country Day School. For six years before my adventure and speaking career took off, I taught English and Math, as well as valuable life lessons. Those experiences have never left me, and I continue to work with educators to help students develop a life vision, pioneer new ideas, and team up with great people.